Taking Time to Play



This past weekend I took the opportunity to attend a PLAYshop.

Similar to a workshop, there were several (eighteen in all) of us gathered to learn and grow. Our facilitator was Howard Moody and his topic was Active Play. It differed from a workshop because it was all fun and games. We played for over three hours. We were silly, we laughed, tossed balls, talked gibberish, made up stories and we laughed some more. We laughed at ourselves and we laughed with each other.

What does this have to do with massage you might ask? After all who has time to play? There is so much to do and so little time to do it in. Massage, and other types of body centered work, is a way that we choose to take care of ourselves. We can work out stress and tension, loosen tight muscles, even attend to chronic and acute pain in our bodies through the therapeutic manipulations of our massage therapist.

Playing and laughter are great self care tools and I firmly believe in their healing power.   Laughter can be a great massage to your internal organs, while at the same time lubricating your eyes and pinking up your cheeks. It certainly does a body good, literally, to laugh. So cut loose, have wholesome fun, play, and let your hair down. There is plenty of time later to pick up the seriousness of your daily grind. When you give yourself permission to play you might just be able to face your reality with more grace and enthusiasm.

To learn more about Howard Moody and his Playshops see http://www.howardmoody.com/index.php. This class was offered at True Nature Holistic Retreats  http://truenatureretreat.com ,  in Millersburg, Ohio. I have attended several events at True Nature, each class giving me tools to help me develop in my personal and professional practice.  I also went on a retreat weekend with friends, where I learned about journaling, took a couple of yoga classes, received a Breema treatment, walked the beautiful grounds and practiced Self-Breema. Alana Generson and Dave Pratt are the owners and host a variety of offerings for self growth and development at their  Center.


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