Breema this Weekend

I am off to another workshop this weekend. This time,  my favorite course of study, Breema.

As a Massage Therapist I like this practice because it is something I can apply in a very practical way for myself.  (Self Care). It also has a bodywork component that I can, in turn, offer to others. (Client Care).

Here is a video of people practicing Breema Bodywork from The Breema Channel on You Tube.

Self Breema offers the opportunity to use movement that helps me connect with myself.   Present in mind and body I move through the series of  particular sequences. There are principles that go with Breema, such as Mutual Support, No Judgement, Full Participation and several others. These principles help me to direct my thoughts  to the present moment. The present moment is where all of the good stuff happens. Breema bodywork is one of the most nourishing modalities that I have ever received. I remember early on, during a session, being amazed by the idea that this is what my (fill in the blank body part) feels like when picked up and gently moved from this position to another!  How often are we present with our movements as we go through our daily lives? I find it delightful when I can be in this moment with both my body and my mind.

This  link tells you a little bit about the practice from The Breema Center.

Breema Class Photo

Photo from Breema Weekend, Oct. 2013 True Nature Holistic Retreats


My class this weekend is offered by Dave Pratt, LMT, BA. He is a Certified Breema Instructor and Practitioner, and offers classes in Breema and sessions at True Nature Holistic Retreat Center in the heart of Amish Country, Holmes County in Millersburg, Ohio. For more information about regional Breema classes, sessions, or retreats,  you can reach Dave at

To find out more see The Breema Center website

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