Importance of Body Work

Studies suggest that up to 75% of all illness has its roots in stress. From a very practical standpoint it is much easier and cost effective to bolster your immune system by reducing stress, eating a healthy diet, following an exercise routine, having a spiritual practice and receiving regular body work sessions.
Bodywork is not a magic bullet, it is however a proactive choice in your health and wellness regimen.

The Therapeutic Components of reflexology, massage therapy and other forms of bodywork can manifest itself in a multitude of benefits. Our mind and body, in all of its connectedness, can utilize the bodywork both physically and energetically, as needed. Although too numerous to list all possible advantages of steady bodywork, these are a few worthy of consideration:

  • connecting with another human being
  • reduced anxiety, improved circulation, and the elimination of toxins
  • building sensitivity and awareness while being present with ones physical self

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